De-tech streamlines pick/packing

Posted by detech on 12th Apr 2017

Detech has teamed up with ScanSKU to bring it's supply chain up to speed. Detech implemeted ScanSKUs stocktaking platform. This platform is made up of the M Series Barcode Scanner and ScanSKU's Stocktaking App, they developed in house.

This means Detech is able to received orders, pick/pack and ship all from the one Mobile Android device. This can be done out in the warehouse, rather then having to go back and forwards between the warehouse and the office to update orders.

For the customer this means orders can be picked earlier, booked for dispatch earlier and ultimately in the heads of the customers quicker then ever before. ScanSKU spent time with HardwareBox Black Door Handles during implementation, another of ScanSKU's customers learning the ropes and areas Detech could improve their operations.

This implementation has been completed concurrently as detech moves into it's new purpose built warehouse. The new facility is able to hold much more stock, which means stockouts are signifigantly reduced and more orders can be fulfilled on time.